If you already pay for your contact lenses with us via direct debit then enter the code "CLDD" at checkout (where it says "enter promo code") and the cost of the lenses will be reduced to zero.


Each box contains 30 lenses (1 months supply).  "Quantity" requested is the number of boxes required e.g. if 3 is entered in the "Quantity" box then that is 3 months supply (90 lenses or pairs depending on if it is for one eye or both).  We do not require you to input your prescription as this website is for our existing patients to buy their contact lenses during the Coronavirus crisis so we should have your prescription on record. If we have any queries we will call you before despatch.

Biomedics 1 Day Extra

  • If you have any problems with any of our products then return it to us by post or in person and we will refund you in full.