Rayban 8905

Colour 5846 (Tortoiseshell)

Eye size 53mm (inner rim to inner rim)

Bridge width 18mm

Total front width 71mm

Rayban 8905

Are you one of our existing patients?
What lenses are required?
Lens Thickness
  • If you are one of our existing patients we will have your prescription on file so will not need to contact you for it.  If we have never seen you before, and you would like prescription lenses in your glasses, we will need to contact you so please make sure you leave accurate contact details.

  • Lens Thickness:  

    Our glasses can be made up in a range of different lens thicknesses from 1.50 index (standard thickness) to 1.74 index (thinnest lenses available in plastic).  The thickness of the lens does not effect your vision but a thinner lens is lighter and cosmetically more acceptable to some patients.  It is not really necessary for all patients to go for the very thinnest lenses, it is dependent on your prescription.  As a rough guide we recommend the following index lenses depending on your lens power (sphere power, which is the first number written on your prescription):

    1.50 index (Sphere power 0 to  2.00D)

    1.60 index (2.00D to 4.00D)

    1.67 index (4.00D to 6.00D)

    1.74 index (Over 6.00D)

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