Comprehensive Eye Examinations

Expert Eye Examinations

Since 1946 patients in the Tyne Valley have depended on the Steven family to look after their eyes. We have invested in the very latest in ocular medical technology in a OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) and Optomap, an investment that is unmatched by any other optician in Northumberland or Newcastle, to make sure our patients get the most comprehensive eye examination available today. Both the Steven brothers have also trained to become independent prescribers meaning they are able to issue prescriptions for drugs for eye related conditions without a visit to your doctor or a ophthalmologist.  We are Geoff Steven and Sons Opticians, and we are dedicated to building long-lasting relationships based on trust and quality eye care with every single patient.

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Contact Lens Fitting

Have you ever felt that contact lenses are not for you? Perhaps you tried them before and they didn't work, you've been told your prescription isn't suitable, or you only want to wear them occasionally. Maybe you just can't bear the thought of putting them in and taking them out of your eyes.  We have the answers. Space-age technology has made lenses safer, more comfortable and convenient than ever before. Ultra-thin, ultra-soft disposable lenses can be worn daily, or continuously for up to 30 days, even while you sleep.

Our expert contact lens fitters can use any lens available on the European contact lens market so you can be sure they can select that is right for you, not just what is right for the company they work for...

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Eye Glasses Fitting

Through a holistic approach to medicine, I try viewing each patient as a whole rather than a single symptom to be treated. This is just one of many procedures I perform when coming up with any diagnosis. Your health deserves proper care and attention and I’m able to provide. Please contact me today to schedule an appointment.

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